Contemporary Renaissance,a: Gulen’s Philosophy for a Global Revival of Civilization


Author       :Sulayman Ashrati

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Ashrati’s book is a study of intellectual framework laid out by Fethullah Gulen in his call for the revival of humanity’s changing power. Gulen, a prominent scholar of Islam and a social activist, is the inspiration behind the global network of education, charity and interfaith dialogue. This book is an attempt to show how significant Gulen’s layout for reconstruction is to Islam and to the rest of the world.
In his analysis of Gulen’s thought of reconstruction, Ashrati looks at concepts including the strategy of nonviolence, spiritual dimension of revival, foundations of humanism in Islam, intellectual and spiritual leadership, men of service, and integration of science and religion. His analogy of construction and architectural work comes handy in understanding both the complexity and openness of the call for revival by Gulen.

Sulayman Ashrati

Professor Sulayman Ashrati is the head of the Department of Qur'anic Studies and Comparative Religion in Wahran University, Algeria. He is the Director of the Journal of the Wahran Literary Institute, Hadatha, founding editor of the Journal of Maghrib Studies, and editor of the Wahran University Journal.


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