Peacebuilding through Education: Challenges, Opportunities, Cases

Author       :Carol Dahir (Edited by)

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In September, 2012, The Fountain Magazine and Peace Island Institute of New York gathered world renowned notable thinkers and experts on the topic of Peacebuilding through Education for an international forum that highlighted the importance of all educating children, in effective and sustainable methods to prevent and solve conflicts at all levels. The venue was NY Times Center. Co-sponsors were New York Institute of Technology, Baruch College, Yale University, Quinnipiac University and AST-Alliance for Shared Values, along with The Fountain Magazine and Peace Islands Institute of NY.

What follows in this journal publication of the proceedings are the papers developed by the experts who served on the panels. It is our collective hope that their words and ideas will inspire you to take action and instill these suggestions and recommendations across the globe and build a world in which our children can thrive.


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