Land of the Turks



Author       :Dennis Jones

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With a history spanning millennia—from the earliest glimmers of civilization to the modern country of today—Turkey offers travelers an enormous range of experiences. Within its lands, great empires rose and fell. Their ruins litter the landscape with an unparalleled archaeological heritage. The Anatolian peninsula is the cradle of the world’s three, great monotheist religions. Turkey is also a land of diverse natural contrasts. Fertile valleys are nestled beneath the gaze of spectacular, snow-capped mountain ranges. An extensive, sun-drenched coastline holds hidden azure coves and pristine beaches, attracting year-round tourists from all over the world. But it is Turkey’s people that will win your heart. Turks are an exceedingly polite, warm-hearted, family-oriented people. Just as their country spans both Europe and Asia, they too bridge the divide between modern and traditional, looking westward from their Central Asian roots. Land of the Turks captures the essence of the people, the land, and their history as viewed through the eyes and heart of a professional American photographer and writer. Through its pages, you will experience not only the beauty and complexity of this ancient land, but modern Turkey as well. You will come to better understand its rich culture and the warm hospitality of its people.

Dennis Jones

Dennis Jones is a professional photographer and author. He received the degree of Master Photographer from the Professional Photographers of America in 1988, was made a Fellow by the Professional Photographers of California and named Colorado Photographer of the Year by the Professional Photographers of Colorado. Many of his images have been shown in national and international exhibitions, and his travel articles and essays are published in regional, national and international publications. Dennis also lectures on various aspects of photography for many professional photographic organizations.


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