The Sugar Monster and Leyla



Author       :Esra Aslan

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We cannot do without sugar, can we?
We love to eat candy, chocolate, soda, and all those sugary foods.
Instead, can we eat watermelon, banana, date, or other sweet fruits?

Read the story of Mike the Sugar Monster and his best friend Leyla to see how sugar affects our lives, and what to eat to be healthy.

Esra Aslan

Esra Aslan is a clinical therapist, specialized in child and family therapy. She is a Turkish-American living in New Jersey with her husband and two lovely daughters.


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2 reviews for The Sugar Monster and Leyla

  1. Blue Dome

    Esra Aslan and entitled The Sugar Monster and Leyla. The story follows a little boy named Mike, who goes by the name of
    ‘Sugar Monster’ due to his love of sugary treats. We are told that Mike is so infatuated by sugar that it is all that he eats. This is in distinction to his best
    friend Leyla, who prefers to eat healthy foods such as “eggs, strawberries and almonds.” Mike is constantly warned about his penchant for sugar but does
    not take heed. It is only after his dog, Cooper, accidentally eats some of Mike’s sweets and falls ill that he begins to reassess his dietary habits.
    Aslan’s background as a clinical therapist certainly shines through in parts of the book – especially when the brain is being explained to Mike who learns
    about the ‘occipital lobe’ and the ‘parietal lobe’. Once again, the book uses bright and colourful illustrations to capture the attention of the young audience
    it is aimed at. This is certainly a book that I imagine would be promoted by all dentists.

    Haroon Bashir
    Markfield Institute of Higher Education, UK
    The Muslim World Book Review, 42:4, 2022

  2. Blue Dome

    Aslan, a clinical therapist specializing in child and family therapy, employs Mike the Sugar Monster and his best friend Leyla to help her readers understand that while we love to eat candy, chocolate, soda and all those sugary foods, we should instead eat watermelons, bananas, dates or other sweet fruits. The story relates how sugar affects our lives and what we should eat to be healthy.

    Islamic Horizon Magazine
    November/ December 2021

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